Socks. Heart surgery. Blood transfusions. Antibiotics. Anaesthetic. Hot air balloons. Barometers. Glasses (specs). Boats. Aeroplanes. Flea powder. Nuts and bolts. Dictionaries. Maps/cartography. Gardens. Cough medicine. Amphetamines. Lithography. Bras (tit sling). Wristwatches. Telephones. Amplifiers. Vibraphones. Homogenised milk. Sneakers. Mini Moogs. Steel anchors. Museums. Mattresses. Sunscreen. Toilets. Toilet paper. Felt tip pens. Typewriters. Bread. Hot showers. Badges. Electric guitars. Pianos. String instruments. Contraception. Safe, sterile abortion. Notebooks. Teapots. Tea. Photocopiers. Chocolate. Domestic pets. Photographs. Darkrooms. Record players. Records. See-saws. Blackpool rock. Cigarette lighters. Black hoodies. Black undies. Aerial photographs. Mix tapes. Suspension bridges. Windows. Doors. Houses to put windows and doors in. Nail scissors. Vegetarianism. Offset printers. Tampons. Synthetic inks, paints & glues. Mechanical looms. Nylon stockings. Pewter. Bookbinders. Books. Poetry. Punk rock. Envelopes. Libraries. Kettles. Ovens. Refined sugar. Trains. Bicycles. Letter boxes. Swing sets. Hair dye. Eyeliner. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and tooth-floss. Newspapers. Postcards. Blu-tack. Brown paper. Anything to collectivise and therefore, anarchism.

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